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Touching reader feedback

9 October 2015


Author Kathy Sutcliffe, whose books are distributed by Local Books, has received some touching feedback from a young reader, as follows:


Hello Kathy,

I'm a 15 year old kid who lives in Taupo.


My mother and I drove to Rotorua for the day and I came across a store called 'Atantis'. This was on Saturday.


There's a section for books made by locals and your book caught my eye.


Rarely, do I see books about romantic gay relationships in teens. I read the blurb and flicked through the the book.


My mother didn't want me to get the book and suggested something else but I bought it.


As soon as I got home, I started reading. I finished reading it today, Sunday.


I love this book, I don't usually like books and it takes me a long time to finish one but this one was amazing. T


hank you for making this book, I laughed, teared up and it was a great experience. I connected with the characters and loved the plot.


Just many thanks, I love this book.


(Name witheld) 

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