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Leading reviewer dubs Oku Moe Moea 'superb'

One of New Zealand's leading children's book reviewers has described 'Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I Am' by Shona Hammond Boys as "A superb book for the gifted and thoughtful reader of any age".


Bob Docherty, writing in his Bob's Books Blog, said the book had to catch up with him eventually and "now that it has I confess to reading it’s 80 odd pages twice with some sort of awe."


After giving a brief outline of the the story, the reviewer excused himself from disclosing to much about the story, saying "To tell you anymore would take the privilege of reading it away from you."


He noted that he had read the book at a time he was assessing his hown life in the wake of the death of David Bowie.


"This book will not change my life but it has given me a greater understanding of where Humankind is in relation to the condition of the planet and of civilisation."


Note: Bob Docherty was judge convenor of the 2015 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults and is known for his work promoting reading into schools.

The full text of his review can be seen at Bobs Books Blog.


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