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Thoughtful review of The Mud

Bob Docherty, a leading reviewer of books for young people,  has delivered a thoughtful review of 'The Mud' by Mick Stone.


'Bob's Books Blog' is recognised among teachers and librarians as an important source of reviews of books for children and young persons.


Writing in his 8 December 2017 blog, Bob Docherty describes the story of the main character, Emily Lewis, as "disturbing" and says he likes her. 


The following is the text of his review:
The coast around Wakakatane has sandy beaches and muddy estuaries and these form the backdrop to this rather disturbing story of 17 year old Emily Lewis who has been abused by the man she knows as father for much of her life.

Emily has been taken off a boat she has drifted around the estuary in, talking to her yet unborn baby, while her mother’s
house has become a crime scene after she was stabbed in the back. Are all these events linked?


Emily is cautioned and taken to the cells, moved around the court and psychiatric circuit which she is well adept at handling and it is she who narrates the story.


I liked Emily, she is clearly able academically but her life has virtually been snuffed out by adults who clearly need to be dealt to under the law.

I liked Emily, you will too but she has the opinion that “there is nothing you or anyone else can do about me”. How very sad.


This story is only 105 pages long and is a short sharp punch in the guts. It is written to assist others who are in the same predicament as her.

Secondary and young adult


The Mud by Mick Stone

Published by BMS Books Ltd


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