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Local Books

Local Books is BMS Ltd's tool to help self-published authors.  Local Books is dedicated to helping writers who have taken the self-publishing option to add some grunt to the marketing and sales of their books.

Traditional sales routes are very often difficult to acces for self-published authors who seek wider exposure for the work they have spent many hours and much money on writing, developing and producing.

Using our extensive sales and marketing experience, we help writers make greater sales and earn more from their valued writing. Note we do NOT ask for upfront fees.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our arrangements and how they advantage writers.

In the meantime, go to our BMS Books bookshop and check out our range of books - see if you can find the books we have published under our Local Books scheme.

To learn more about Local Books and how to offer your book on this platform, go to Let's Talk or Contact Us Directly

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