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Oku Moe Moea invited to show at Global Peace Film Festival

15 August 2016


A short film set on the East Coast has been invited to participate in the Global Peace Film Festival.  


"Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I am" is based on the book by the same name and is set in Opotiki and this is the third international film festival at which it has been invited to participate.



The film has been invited to participate in the Online Festival which runs concurrent with the live 2016 Global Peace Film Festival event in Orlando, Florida, USA.


Kelly Devine, artisitic director of the Global Peace Film Festival, says "the festival embraces the expansive potential of the web to bring even more films to our audiences to stimulate discussion and action on the various topics key to realizing peace within our own hearts and minds, between our neighbors and across the world.


"To that end we would be very honored if your film participates in the GPFF 2016 Online Festival."


Marketed international as "Art I Am" tThe film received This comes after it recently received an Award of Merit from the Depth of Field International Film Festival Competion 2016, a UK-based competition for independent film makers in which each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.


It also received an invitation to screen in Los Angeles USA at the Love International Film Festival.  This festival focuses on bringing films and filmmakers from the international community whose work we feel brings the world closer together and promotes love and healing through cinema. 


Art I Am and the book Oku Moe Moea tell the story of a boy growing up in an isolated community in difficult social and economic circumstances, and how art and creativity help him survive this environment.


The author and director is Shona Hammond Boys, the Founder and Director of the New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation.


For more information, contact the publisher and agent, Michael Smith

BMS Books Ltd, an Business Media Services Ltd

Tel: (07) 349 4107





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