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Nicky Humphris's Spinning Magic

Taupo author Nicky Humpris is Spinning Magic with a new book inspired by the antics of the pets and livestock on her lifestyle block near Taupo.

The children's picture book Spinning Magic tells the story of two quite different spiders – brothers Inky and Tinky.  Whereas Inky is a bit of a show-off, climbing high and spinning magical webs, Tinky tunnels in the earth and is not so famous among the animals – until he magics up a web that sparkles on the ground.

Nicky says the pets and livestock provide copious amounts of material for stories.

“I write and illustrate children's books out of a passion for creating, and my desire to improve my skills at developing illustrations and to and to create wonderful memories by showcasing my stories through pictures.”

Nicky’s picture book illustrations are created by drawing and painting electronically to provide bright colourful and clear images that transfer well into print.

BMS Books publisher and director Michael Smith says Spinning Magic is an ideal picture book for younger readers, providing parents and teachers with opportunities to highlight issues, including:

• Awkward familial relationships

• Living in the natural environment

• The life of the small creatures around us


“Spinning Magic combines clear wording with beautifully illustrated pictures so younger children can enjoy and identify meanings,” Smith says.


Book Details:

Author: Nicky Humphris

148 x 210 mm (5.83” x 8.27”)

Full colour on white paper

42 pages

Publisher; BMS Books Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-473-42915-7

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction/Animals/

Insects, Spiders, etc

RRP: $20.00


For more details, contact

Michael Smith, Publisher and Director

BMS Books Ltd

07-349 4107

027-209 6861



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