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Childhood farm experiences inspire 'Bad Oil' novel

Wellington-based researcher and story-teller Linda Hansen says she was inspired by childhood experiences on a Waikato dairy farm to write her book ‘Bad Oil and The Animals’.

Linda’s novel has been included the Local Books service of Business Media Services Ltd.

The young adult (YA) book is centred around the story of Heidi, a budding photographer who gets drawn into a campaign against factory farming.

A Wellington-based researcher and story-teller, Linda says the story has been in the back of her mind since her childhood living on a farm in the Bay of Plenty

“It wouldn’t rest until I wrote it down,” she says.

Linda says she prefers to write for young adults, and tends to write on current affairs issues. When she was young, Linda liked to learn without knowing she was learning and this has carried into her writing.

She describes the book as a well-researched book in a fictional setting – “a teenage eco-adventure” – suitable for 12-to-18 years of age.

Heidi and her companions link up with activists and get into trouble but have a lot of fun along the way. 

However, Heidi risks her academic success and puts her dreams of being a society and fashion photographer at risk.

Schools use the book as a text or reader and it has been described as “action packed”.

A BMS reviewer says the story portrayed the message in a very relatable way.

Local Books is a service set-up by Business Media Services Ltd to help market and sell books for self-published authors.  Under the scheme, BMS uses its services to widern the sales opportunity by widening the potential exposure to their works. 


Title: Bad Oil and The Animals

Genre: YA fact-based fiction – 12-18 years.

Description: Paperback, 127 pages

Price: $20

For more information, contact

Michael Smith


Business Media Services Ltd

Tel: 07-349 4107

Mob: 0272096861



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