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This blog is primarily for book reviews, thoughts on self-publishing, and news about new books published by BMS Books Ltd.  Go to the link below.

Who is the criminal in crime novels?

Mention the words “crime novel” and “mentally ill” in the same sentence and you are most likely to come up with an image of a psychotic killer or a hacked up victim.

Depressing place, damaged characters – inspiring book

I have just finished reading Larry McMurtry’s 'The Last Picture Show' for the umpteenth time.  I was going to say the tenth time, but I don’t think that is right as I have had the book since 1975 and tend to read it every year or so.  I have since that first reading and viewing been involved in writing, editing and publishing many books and have had the heart of much of what I do the lessons learned from this book about people and the place in which their stories are charted.  

Mapping a Life Well Lived
A recent article in the London Review of Books talking about the connection between writing and map-making was a timely read for me as I was on the verge of launching Mike Lendingham’s third book - ‘They Don’t Just Fade Away’.
Mike first two books were short stories based on his experiences in army and civvy life.  A former New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) and NZ Army infantry soldier, Mike’s short stories were often strongly worded and always to the point.
Booksellers embracing self-published books

A BMS Books survey of booksellers has found widespread support for self-published authors but with reservations around marketing and sales.
BMS Books called booksellers throughout New Zealand and asked them three simple questions for our survey:
• Do you stock self-published books?
• Why?
• What sales and marketing support helps?


Digital books and librarians – pushback on licensing and costs

A survey of public libraries in New Zealand has found most have embraced digital book options but some pushback is apparent.
The survey was carried out by Business Media Services Ltd on behalf of its imprint BMS Books Ltd.  As a boutique publisher specialising in regional authors with challenging themes, we set out wanting to know more about the role of digital books in libraries.  Having called and talked to 62 librarians over a couple of weeks, we found some interesting aspects emerged during our discussions.


NZ self-published author's UK deal 'huge'

Self-published New Zealand author Tammy Robinson says a “significant five-figure” deal with a United Kingdom publisher is “huge”.
Piatkus has acquired two novels by Tammy – the first book Differently Normal will be published in 2018 and the second Photos of You in 2019.
Formerly from Rotorua, Tammy now lives on a farm in the Waikato with her husband and three young children.
In an interview with the BMS Write Stuff blog, Tammy told the story of how after going the self-publishing route she sought out Vicki Marsden of WordLink to help find a publisher.  While the five-figure sum is big, we get the impression that it is the opportunities opening up for Tammy that are the key.


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