Our Story

Business Media Services Ltd (BMS) and its book imprint BMS Books Ltd provide independent boutique services and books. 

BMS has been registered as a company since 1993 and BMS Books Ltd since 2014.

Directors Michael R. Smith and Susan L. Wilkie provided a range of contract and full-time reporting and editing services to local, national and international media clients. Over time, our work has expanded to cater for new requirements of clients and provide new opportunities in digital media services.


We first started in journalism in 1976, then progressed into this business in 1981 as 'Smithnewz - the Wordsmiths'. After a decade of writing and news reporting for a range of local, national and international newspapers, magazines and radio stations, we spent two years in Singapore before returning to form Business Media Services Ltd.


Business Media Services Ltd (BMS) helps equip writers with the confidence to complete stories and publish books. We start right at the beginning - giving treasured manuscripts the professional finish before publication, and turning family histories into documents to remember.  Organisations seeking professional help with newsletter writing, editing and production are provided with special services using multi-media tools to gain maximum impact.


BMS Books Ltd has grown out of work with authors in regional areas.  A boutique publisher, BMS specialises in books by writers from regional areas with challenging themes.  Our books are mostly fiction but we are open to submissions from authors on a range of genre.

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Business Media Services Ltd
Email: ms@bms.co.nz
URL: www.bms.co.nz
Tel: (07) 349-4107; Int: 64-7-349-4107
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5 High Street, Rotorua, New Zealand 3010
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