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Our experience with clients means we can offer specialist copywriting, editing and publishing services to a range of people and organisations.  For individual writers, we can start with assessment take them through the writing process to publication. For organisations, we offer assistance with publishing services - from newsletters to web sites.





As experienced wordsmiths, BMS is able to provide media, businesses and individuals with skilled and timely writing services.


Our writing services are more than superficial. We are able to match our clients' needs with a deeper understanding in the kind of articles we can prepare. 


Stuck for the right word or story? Let BMS leap the tall buildings of word puzzles to help you write the words.







At BMS we pride ourselves in delivering more than a copy-editing service.


Sure, we can capture spelling errors or grammar fumbles. Indeed, in-house, we have many arguments over the appropriate place in which to place an apostrophe.




As important as good copy editing is for the final result, at BMS we go beyond this to help writers with the development of their stories. Writers find the process they go through with a BMS assessment and editing totally empowering.  


BMS editing processes can be challenging for writers but our aim is to help deliver stories with greater depth and meaning. As we say, we help you 'Breathe more life into your writing'.



We ask purchasers and clients to contact us as below for more information on services and purchasing books.

Please contact:
Tel: 07-3494107

Publishing Services




BMS offers an individualised service in helping people take their books to publication. We listen to your requirements and help you choose from the formats and designs best suited to your story. As such, we regard ourselves as a boutique publisher, rather than am 'automated' service with standard formats and charges.  




Some people come to BMS with books they want us to publish and market for them. Given the intricacies of publishing process, sometimes they want to pay us to do this task for them and we are happy to do this for them at very competitive rates.


However, where we believe a manuscript can be turned into a book to take to the market, BMS is happy to discuss the option of publishing a writer's work as a speculative enterprise. In this arrangement, the writer is signed on under a traditional publishing contact.




One of the biggest challenges for writers who have self-published their stories is getting their works seen by wider group of readers.  This turns into a near-impossible task for most writers who find it difficult to make sales beyond family and friends.


In spite of news reports around self-published authors selling thousands of copies, statistics show that most sell about 200 copies of their books, if they are lucky. Others fall prey to predators who ask for upfront payment to assist with a range of sales and marketing services.


At BMS, we have developed our Local Books sales and marketing service to help authors reach a much wider audience than is normally possible for individuals. We operate on a commission-only basis, so we are only as good as our sales for you, the writer.  

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