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Oku Moe Moea trailer

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Trailer for the short film "Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I am"


A host of local talent is assembled on and off-screen for the production of the short film "Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I am". Set on the East Coast of New Zealand, this is the touching story of a young boy's realisation that art will free his creativity from difficult social and economic circumstances. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Shona Hammond Boys, founder and director of the New Zealand Childrens Art House Foundation.

As well as being an attractive for commercial outlets, this film and the accompanying book is ideal for schools, community groups and social agencies dealing looking for creative ways to reach out the youngster in their communities.

The film is now being marketed by Business Media Services Limited on Shona's behalf.  

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Book buyers can now also access the short film associated with this novel using a promotional code.

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