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The acclaimed short film by Shona Hammond Boys. Filmed on New Zealand's rugged East Coast with a local cast and crew, 'Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I Am' is a powerful short film offering vital viewing for all who believe that art is not a luxury but a human necessity. Through the eyes of a gifted boy growing up in isolation, it raises the question of how to rise above the limited vision of marginalization of arts in today`s societies. Victory believes that the great God of Science and the great God of Art are out of heavenly alignment and we are following the wrong God home. He understands his creativity is essential and that he can live in harmony with the environment. 
The film has been rated a G suitable for general audiences by the Film and Video Labelling Body of New Zealand. The run time is 20 minutes, making it suitable for school and other learning situations. Orders can be taken from institutions and other outlets and credit card orders can be received direct or through this BMS Books online shop.

DVD Oku Moe Moea film

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