Mick Stone's new crime novel explores the life of Emily Lewis in the beautiful landscape around coastal Whakatane. Emily's family home looks on to dunes r-lttlning down across the golden sand to Ohope Beach
where sparkling waves roll in from the Pacific Ocean.
Emily is instead drawn to the estuary hidden behind high rises and multistoried houses growing around the
beach-side settlement. The waves of the open sea cannot wash away the secret she tries to hide in the
mud of her life, until the truth surfaces when her mother is found with a knife in her back.
'The Mud' is the sequel to Mick Stone's novel 'The Last Newspaper in the World'. Mick Stone once more takes readers into the town of Coastlands, where changing relationships and tragic lives are set
against the challenging beauty of the place.

The Mud

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  • Book Details:
    Author: Mick Stone
    5" x 8" (12.75 x 20.03 cm)
    Black & White on White paper
    121 pages
    Publisher; BMS Books and imprint of Business
    Media Services Ltd
    ISBN: 978-0-473-37232-3
    IISBN-EPUB: 978-0-473-37246-0
    ISBN-MOB!: 978-0-473-37247-7
    BISAC: Fiction / Crime RRP: $24.95

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