On a morning commuter train in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, the lives of three people
briefly intersect.

Sally is a 17-year-old, tentatively stepping into womanhood. Brendan is a middle-aged widower,
living in the shadow of his wife’s death. Tamás is a Hungarian immigrant, missing his wife and child as
he struggles to begin a new life in New Zealand.
Meanwhile, in a nondescript building near Dunedin’s Otago University, Farida translates messages for the
security services and catches glimpses of a plot that could threaten them all.
We watch as the characters pursue their dreams and face up to their everyday fears. We see them grapple
with love and loss and the tangles of relationships, and inevitably dread their impending fate.
In this tightly written novel, author David Briggs develops an original and compelling plot line as he
explores the way our lives are played out against a constant background of half-seen threat.

The Direction of Our Fears eBook

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