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The author of three books around the tough world of the SAS and infantry army, Mike Ledingham joins with two of his bothers to tell the story of their abuse by the same Catholic priest.
On the face of it, the Ledinghams were a great example of a Catholic family with strong Irish roots growing up in New Zealand. The “faith” was strong in the family members, so much so the boys served as altar boys at the local church.
But in secret the boys were picked off one after another by a sexual predator, God’s representative in their parish, the priest whose authority ruled in most aspects for their lives. The stories of Michael, Gerry and Chris are introduced by their sister, Mary, who provides background on each of the boys, now men, with love and admiration for their survival.
Their story and the background to their lives provides an important perspective when the impact of sexual abuse by all-powerful religious authority figures is being examined as never before.

The Catholic Boys

SKU: sku_5ce75452d2a4a_1558664274
    Author: Mike Ledingham
    Size: 128 x 210 mm
    Black and white on white paper - 80 pages
    Publisher: BMS Books Ltd an imprint of
    Business Media Services Ltd at
    ISBN: 9780473464318; ISBN-Epub: 978-0-473-46432-5;
    ISBN Kindle: 978-0-473-46433-2
    Hard copy RRP: $24.95 (Contact BMS digital prices)
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