Demons Inside My Mind: Life With Anorexia is a highly readable account of 15-year-old Jenna Oldham’ s
struggle with anorexia.  Jenna recounts how the silent disease took hold of her body and mind over a two-year period at secondary school, and saw her hospitalised four times.
Jenna’s vivid personal account of coming to grips with the disease, and her strategies for overcoming for all those wanting to learn more about anorexia. As well as being of real interest to young people, Demons Inside My Mind: Life With Anorexia is a valuable text for:

  • School libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Health studies, students and practitioners
  • Medical professionals
  • Parents and teachers of young women

First published in 1999. Re-issued in 2018 with permission of the author due to demand.

Demons inside my Mind: Life with Anorexia

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  • Author: Jenna Oldham
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    56 pages
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