Capturing the experiences of life in the 1940s through to the 1970s, Caught Up In Time evokes a period of tremendous personal, cultural and political change.

Readers find a world still ‘shell-shocked’ with the residue of global conflict and the affect-effects of world war.
The times were a-changing, as young people struggled to throw off their elders’ past.
In this work of fiction, Paora Panadelo (former Wairarapa journalist Paul Baker) brings some understanding of these turbulent years of childhood and youth while growing up in a world not experienced by today’s generation, and a distant memory to some who lived it.

Caught Up In Time

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  • Book Details:
    Author: Paora Panadelo
    145 mm x 210mm
    Black and white on white paper
    211 pages
    ISBN 978-0-473-41052-0
    RRP: $29.95

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